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    Link Together Adult CoalitionStudent Advisory BoardYour Actions MatterMyle

    • Link Together Adult Coalition

      Community partners meet monthly to work on evidence - based prevention
      programming to decrease teen alcohol and marijuana use in Wheeling Township.

    • Student Advisory Board

      Link Together’s opportunity for students to build leadership skills, have a voice,
      promote healthy choices and have fun! This board will work on community youth
      drug prevention by following the “Engaging Youth for Positive Change” model,
      which was developed by the University of Illinois.

    • Your Actions Matter

      A youth-led initiative focused on changing adult attitudes about giving alcohol to
      minors. “Your Actions Matter” was created by the Illinois Liquor Control
      Commission and includes youth partnering annually with local law enforcement
      to place prevention messages in local liquor stores.

    • MYLE

      Myle is an annual, student-organized leadership conference for eight graders
      sponsored by OMNI Youth Services. Its purpose is to motivate middle schoolers
      to go out and make a difference in their communities. Students learn about
      community services and leading peers, skills which are useful in high school.
      Opportunities are available for 8th graders to attend MYLE and for high school
      students to be a part of the MYLE organizational team!