Link Together Current Programming – Schools/Parents/Students/Community

Social Norms Marketing/Social Marketing in all Wheeling Township schools

An evidence based positive media campaign focusing on student’s healthy choices.


  • Stall Street Journals (monthly newsletter on the back of bathroom stalls)
  • PSA’s (twenty 30 second spots addressing health choices)
  • Faculty teams at each school meet monthly
  • Posters
  • Faculty Stall Streets
  • Focus groups with students to determine media messages
  • Lunchroom activities

“Talk. They Hear You.” Campaign

National campaign focusing on parents talking to their students about not using drugs or alcohol.

Messaging includes:

  • Talk. They Hear You. brochures/banners in English, Spanish, Polish and Russian.
  • Talk. They Hear You. banners in front of all D214 schools and feeder middle
  • Information via Link Together’s website, social media and community newsletters

Link Together advocating for policy change

Link Together has successfully advocated for stronger Social Hosting ordinances (adults providing or allowing teen drug/alcohol use on their property) in our local communities including Wheeling and Arlington Heights. Link Together is currently advocating for Tobacco 21 ordinances in our local communities.

Link Together/D214 parent guide for all incoming freshmen parents

Guide given to and discussed with parents at Freshman orientation includes information on district policy, social hosting, curfew, talking to your students and more.

Your Actions Matter

Students, local business and all five police departments in Wheeling Township distribute over 12,000 alcohol prevention messages on liquor bottles and posters.

Youth Advisory Committees

Students that incorporate the Human Performance Project culture into their school as well as work on local prevention initiatives including Prevention Week, 5th Quarter events, prescription take back awareness, leadership trainings and more.

Human Performance Project

The Human Performance Project (HPP) works towards creating a positive culture in our schools – living a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, mood/mindset, sleep, and not using drugs/alcohol.

Mock Teen Bedroom – STAY OUT OF MY ROOM

Traveling “mock” teen bedroom gives parents an overview of possible drug/alcohol warning signs to look for in their student’s room. Also available online in a “virtual reality” interactive tool.

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