Community Youth Services Team

Katie Whittaker, Prevention Specialist II, Program Lead

Erika Berdell, Prevention Specialist

Kris Zerfass, Director Link Together Coalition/CYS Area Project Board

Program Objectives:
Network with community partners and parents.
Collaborate with youth in program development and prevention.
Encourage youth preparedness to continue into college or high-demand career fields after graduation.
Increase life skills for youth that lead to self-sufficiency and deter risky behaviors.
Provide all grant services to the community and youth at no fee.
Interested in getting involved?

Community Youth Services Grant
Our Community Youth Services (CYS) grant is a new program providing prevention services to youth between 6th-12th grade. It was developed and funded by a grant through the Illinois  Department of Human Services.

The CYS serves as a community network connecting youth to existing health, employment, and social service organizations.
All Prospect Heights and Wheeling community members are welcome!
Contact us at: 847.353.1500 x 1553

Link Together Coalition serves as the Area Project Board. CYS Webpage found here: https://linktogethercoalition.org/

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