Social Norms Marketing


Social Norms Marketing campaigns are research-based prevention programs that positively impact people’s perceptions by emphasizing people’s actual behavior. In other words, when helping people understand what behaviors are really going on, their inaccurate perceptions are corrected and their own actions are influenced.

In our campaigns we are addressing teen substance use. We find that most students think a lot more of their peers are using alcohol and drugs than actually are. The goal is to show students that the majority of their peers choose not to use these substance and that most students make healthy choices. If students begin to see that their peers are making healthy choices, then they too will be more likely to make healthy choices.

Social Norms Campaigns are currently being implemented at Buffalo Grove, Hersey, Prospect, Rolling Meadows and Wheeling High Schools. And, Social Marketing Campaigns are currently being implemented at Cooper, Holmes, London, MacArthur, River Trails, South and Thomas Middle Schools.

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